Happy Thanksgiving

The beauty of this time of year, is the bonding so many families look forward to.  We spend so much of the year travelling, working, carting kids back and forth to sports, that when Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, the anticipation of coming together as a family is a treasured feeling.  The culmination of another year is spent making memories with our loved ones.

We have so much to be thankful for here at Derrick.  Welcoming new members to our team, new clients to our homeowner families, new friends…

We have been fortunate to stand along side some amazing families as they watch the home of their dreams form.  And we’ve had the privilege and honor to reconnect with old friends who’ve witnessed the journey Derrick Custom Homes has made the last few decades.  We’re so thankful for you all!

We wish all of you…family, friends, team member…a very happy thanksgiving.