Show Your Home Some Love

Your home puts up with a lot. It withstands inclement weather, endures the occasional stained carpet, clogged drain or broken window, and it even tolerates the smell of your burnt popcorn. So it deserves a little love once in a while, and there’s no better time to show it than the month of February. If you are yet to apply for a homeowners insurance policy, it might be beneficial to do so as the payout could help you fix any damages, and you could even be left with excess to show your home some love.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on new appliances or significant renovations to show your home that you care. There are many simple ways to show your home some love. Here are a few suggestions.

Shed Some of that Extra Weight

Do you really need to hold on to all of those 1980s leisure suits you’d hoped would come back in style? You don’t have to wait for spring to roll around to get rid of the junk that may be piling up in your coat closets, basement or garage. Lighten the load throughout your home and it will seem bigger and significantly cleaner. Plus, spring cleaning won’t be nearly as intimidating when that time comes.

Get Some Sun

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary. Sure, the trees may be bare, but that just means less foliage is blocking the sun. Do your home and yourself a favor and let the sunlight in. Pull back (or take down) the drapes, wash the windows, and maybe even swap out dark lampshades for brighter ones to make the inside of your home cheerier.

Scrub it Down

Your appliances work hard for you every day so it’s time to give them a thorough cleaning, especially if you haven’t done so recently. Carpets may need a visit from a professional, so have a look into Carpet Cleaning Near me to find your best option. Refrigerators especially need a little extra attention on a regular basis. Start by taking everything out, then, be selective about what you put back. Also, check to see if any of your appliances might still be under warranty with a service plan to cover any maintenance that will keep them running smoothly. The same goes for your gutters and drains. If your drains need a little TLC you might also want to consider reaching out to a drain cleaning spartanburg sc service to get the job done efficiently and safely.

Spruce it Up

One of the most economical updates you can give your home is paint. Whether it’s a bold new color, or just a fresh coat, painting a room or even just an accent wall can breathe new life into any space. Giving your home a much-needed fresh coat of paint could help to lighten your mood, as well as having the opportunity to make other changes in the room. Or you may decide to do it yourself, which is also fine. You may want to get in touch with someone similar to these Capalaba painters who will be able to freshen up your home whilst you think about what else needs finishing. At least you know that it has been done professionally. Winter months can sometimes limit interior painting opportunities if it’s consistently too cold outside to open windows for ventilation. Plan ahead by checking the weather reports to find a day that might work.

Buy a Bouquet

If you’re not doing any gardening outside of your home during this time of year, bring some flowers inside. A blooming bouquet instantly warms up a room during the cold winter months. Check out the flower section of your local grocery store to find festive flowers at reasonable prices.

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