5 Tips to keep your Holidays Healthy

by: Jillian Thorson, Owner/Director of Lift Bridge Yoga Co


Up your water intake! When your focus is on cooking, travel, and errands, it is easy for us to get dehydrated without even noticing. Have a water bottle with you at all times. If it’s there, you’ll reach for it. Wine, mixed drinks, eggnog, caramel lattes & hot cocoa can add extra calories to your daily intake. Be mindful of drinking water between these tasty treats! If you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and need a bit of a boost along the way, you can always add some super greens powder to your water and get yourself fighting fit.


Be aware of your choices; don’t miss out, but don’t indulge when it’s not worth it. It’s completely OK to indulge if you follow one simple rule: 90% of the times eat healthily, and for the remaining 10% go ahead and reward yourself without any guilt.

  • Give your baked goods a makeover:

Holidays are full of sweet treats and baking parties! Consider experimenting with healthy and nutritious substitutions this year. Try using gluten-free flour and coconut oil rather than wheat flour and vegetable oil. Applesauce and bananas can help to reduce sugar amounts and are gentler on the body. Oats, nuts and whole grains provide a more filing and nutritious flavor to help keep you conscious of that Moderation Mantra!

  • 4. Resist the urge to Hibernate:

Get Moving! There are many great options to stay moving that don’t involve going to the gym. For example, you could shovel snow (WI winter benefits); bring your pup to the dog park (NR has a great one, with paths); go snowshoeing or skiing; or if you are seeking a warmer place to workout – we hear Lift Bridge Yoga Co. in New Richmond has heated yoga and barre classes! ☺

  • Take time to Rest:

After holiday planning and pleasing, make sure you take time to properly rest and reset. Sip on herbal tea, snuggle up by the fire with a good book, meditate, or watch your favorite hallmark holiday classic. Choose activities that provide you joy, and forget about the to-do lists.