As we watch the leaves fall from the trees and are busy raking them up, we need to think about what needs to be done before the temperatures and snow start falling. Derrick Custom Homes is getting our model homes ready for winter and you should too. Here is a list while you still have time.

  1. Check your roof for any loose or missing shingles and repair/replace what is needed.
  2. Blow out the irrigation system.
  3. Install a new furnace filter. If you have a malfunctioning furnace, you will want to rectify this before the harsh cold of the Winter months arrives by contacting a Furnace Repair specialist.
  4. Have a professional inspect the heating system.
  5. Reverse the blades on any ceiling fans so is pushing the warm air down.
  6. Clean the gutters of debris.
  7. Caulk any exterior openings.
  8. Clean your chimney.
  9. Check the windows and doors for drafts.
  10. Take off interior window screens.
  11. Replace the batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors.
When you have these items done, please stop by our model homes that we keep nice and toasty warm during the cold weather and we look forward to visiting with you.