5 Reasons to Build New

Over the years, one of the questions I am often asked by our clients is “why build new?" especially recently when the cost difference between existing homes and new homes today appears to be at one of the largest gaps in history. Even with the discrepancies, the reason to build new outweighs the value you may mind in an existing sale. You may want to check out Essex Homes Greenville/Spartanburg, where you can buy a property and you can then fix it up to meet your own housing needs and make it into your own style or if you’d just like to build new then keep reading. Here are five reasons to build new over purchasing existing:
  1. Building Standards
? The building industry standards today are better than ever, many of the code changes correct issues that have been found in previous homes. For example, asbestos is no longer used as a building material, thus eliminating some of the risk of a potential building demolition associated with older properties. Some of the previous building standards that are no longer acceptable make your home safer and healthier. Safety is a big one here, State-of-the-art circuit breakers, garage door openers (like the ones at https://overheaddoorhouston.com/garage-door-openers/) that have safety features. Fire protection measures to allow occupants time to get out of the home. State-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration, the results is a year-round, draft-free comfort and higher indoor air quality ? ?
  1. Building Materials
? The building materials are better than ever, in fact the previous materials used can be laden with hidden, risky chemicals – and as people become more aware of these risks we demand non-toxic materials in our homes and manufacturers are responding. The materials are also becoming more desirable, providing less maintenance, and creating energy-efficient without compromising the look and “wow?? factor that consumers look for. Today materials have less maintenance, cutting-edge products require less care and are designed to work together. ? ?
  1. Next Generation Technology
From better design to efficient the newest devices save you time, stress, and finally put an end to those times you accidentally answer the door to that neighbor who’s always pushing something. For example you could create a new building using new heat locking sidings from M&M Home Exteriors to keep down your energy bills. ?
  1. Exactly What You Want
When you purchase an existing home, you are settling for someone else’s vision, lifestyle, choices, and selections. In your new home you get to design and select colors, floor plans, features that fit your family lifestyle not someone else’s. ?
  1. Its NEW – Under Warranty
One fear when your purchase an existing home is not knowing the care and maintenance that went into the home from the previous home owner – with that being said mechanical items such as the A/C, Furnace, Hot-Water Heater – only have limited self-life and that is assuming they are cared for. In a new home you’re not looking at replacing windows, roof, mechanicals, siding, … anytime soon, if fact you may never need to replace before you sell the home. ? The choice is yours in the end, you can look at homes that are existing and find that your able to purchase more square footage and someone else’s design and dreams or invest a little more into a home that will be a great place to live and without the maintenance or the need to replace big ticket items in early – it should also improve your financial position. ? Jay Fletch
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