The housing industry is making a comeback from the housing market recession in 2007. This also means that employment in this field is making a comeback as well. This is great news for house hunters, employment seekers and baytown township mn luxury custom homes builder Derrick Custom Homes alike. Construction employment is at a seven-year high in Minnesota. At a job fair held at the Mall of America last month a total of 35 construction companies were looking to fill 250 positions at the job fair. The Minnesota 2016 Construction Conference was also held in February. Experts revealed that the latest data shows roughly 108,000 people were working in the construction industry. Though this is down from a total of 129,000 jobs in 2005, the industry and Minnesota employment overall is on the mend. In fact, more than 22,000 jobs in Minnesota have been recovered since 2010. Experts anticipate construction jobs are projected to grow by 25 percent in the next decade. “It really is a job seekers market again,” said Tom Gavaras of the Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities. “There are just a wide variety from skill trades to drivers, to sales people, to office people, there’s just a lot of opportunities out there.” Derrick is a proud baytown township mn luxury custom homes builder in the Miller Farms neighborhood. For information about owning a home in this beautiful community please contact Tim White at or 612-834-3040.