Function and Style-A Happy Kitchen has Both!

by Stephanie Schley

The kitchen is now the showpiece of a modern home.  And whether you have a large, dream kitchen or a small sized kitchen, the space isn’t efficient until it’s functional.  You don’t have to sacrifice functionality for style if you take these steps when designing your home’s kitchen.


Do Your Homework

  • Pay attention to how you plan to use your kitchen.
    • Traffic Patterns – no longer a simple work triangle, now we have more sinks, ovens, appliances, etc.
    • Consider the ergonomics and accessibility for the cook.
    • Are you eating in? Plan for seating and the number of people along with placement.
    • Entertaining – Do you host large gatherings and does the space work?
  • Consider the type of cooking you will do.
    • What appliances fit your needs? This is critical to consider in the early stages of the design process.
    • How will these appliances be used? Knowing this will help with the general layout of your design.
    • Keep prep surfaces clean and uncluttered.
  • Storage amounts and layouts.
    • Designate spaces for what you use and what appliances you want to store.
    • Research storage solutions, options, accessories and features that include enough space to fit your needs.
  • Make the space your own. You’ll likely spend more time in your kitchen than any other space in your home.  Enjoy it by giving it personality!
    • Decorative features such as wood tones, paint colors, counter-top surfaces, tile, cabinet hardware, wood moldings and details.
    • Lighting – natural and artificial lighting in terms of function and showcasing design features.
    • Plumbing fixtures – readily used sinks and faucets can also be an expression of your personality and style.
  • Incorporating these perimeter spaces can also add function and be an opportunity for fun design:
    • Walk-In Pantry
    • Butler’s Pantry
    • Coffee Station
    • Proximity to dining room, great room and common areas

Designing the kitchen in your home allows you the flexibility to express your personality and style, along with many options to make it functional for your family’s needs.  It can change the way you feel about your home, not to mention making it a more enjoyable place to be.