Before your move into a new home you will hopefully purge yourself of excess paper, clothes you cannot wear or do not need any more as well as furniture and miscellaneous items you no longer need. If you don’t want to get rid of your things altogether, you could use a service like Boombox – see right here for more information. Doing so will allow you to have a clean start free of clutter in your new construction home in north hudson wi.

Purchasing a new construction home has its benefits and allows you to get organized faster. For starters a new construction home is move-in ready. Which means if you already are using storage services to store items you’ll be able to move them into your new home straight away. Your main priority will be moving in and getting settled versus having to unpack and get settled in addition to having to remodel, upgrade appliances and adding fresh coats of paint throughout your home. That being said you may need to set up a landline phone service once you move in. Browsing online for affordable options like is one way to ensure you get a good deal.

New construction homes also offer more space and storage opportunities than dated resale homes. A newly built home offers twice the bathroom space as well as three times the closet space. This will give you enough room to house household items and store your clothes and shoes that are in season and out of season. Most homeowners have to use their backyard sheds as storage in a bid to not clutter their homes, so these extra storage homes make a nice alternative- sheds can be used for more productive tasks! Derrick Custom Homes offer custom built-ins and cabinetry throughout each of our homes in The Ridges community. Custom built-ins and cabinetry offer the perfect functional space to help you get organized by adding storage. Your items will have a designated space that will encourage you to put things back where they should and help reduce the clutter you accumulate. The built-ins will also help to add pizzazz to each room that will enhance the overall beauty of your new home.

The Ridges is a luxurious community conveniently located near downtown Hudson. There is currently one available new construction home in north hudson wi in The Ridges community. Contact J. Patrick O?Neill at or 612-210-0370 for information regarding building with Derrick Custom Homes.