Welcoming in 2017 with the goal of getting organized?  D&K Closets, Inc. is the preferred provider of organizing our client’s closets and other shelving needs.  Here are some of the tips Kathy has for you to use in your own personal space.
  • Bedroom closets:  In order to get more out of the existing space in your closet put up two hanging rods instead of one. If you have more than enough hanging space try the following: Add 2-3 horizontal wire shelves would work great for shoe storage, but to insure easy access make sure the clothes do not drag on them.  Or sometimes drawers are necessary if you do not have dressers. Or better yet add a tall basket below & you have your laundry basket.
  • Linen closets are important so use the shelf at eye level for everyday needs-toilet paper, shampoo, etc. The lowest and highest shelves should be seasonal storage for items like additional blankets used in the winter, or summer linens, and guest bedding.
  • Kitchen pantries can have either wire or melamine shelving. Designate space for cleaners, mops and brooms away from the canned goods if the space allows.
  • The mudroom area is critical to keep clean and comfortably able to walk through. Double & long hanging, hooks work great for daily items used, space for shoes and boots if the space allows, or shelves and/or vented drawers for gloves, mittens, and hats.
Want to see what organized closets and pantries can look like we welcome you to come view our Homes for Sale in North Hudson WI at the Ridges 1264 10th Street N.  Open Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 5pm.