Should I Build a New House Now or Wait? Your Custom Build Timeline

Right now, the inventory for already-built homes is snug compared to the number of buyers who want them. So, is now a good time to build a house? Although the factors that go into answering that question are complicated and always based on your family’s unique needs, having a house built vs. buying an existing one may be in the cards for you more than you realize. As expert custom home builders, we will also discuss a ballpark timeline for a custom-built home as well.

When to Build a House

The best time to build a custom home is ultimately when you are ready! Perhaps there aren’t any existing homes on the market that will fit your needs. It’s possible that any existing homes will need a significant amount of renovation or repair before you can safely move in. That is certainly the case for many in the Minneapolis suburbs right now. In fact, as tight as the home market is now, building a custom home may be in your budget more than ever.

The fact is, there is never going to be a perfect market that doesn’t have both disadvantages and advantages for building a home. So, as you consider building a custom home, learn to avoid the most common custom home building mistakes and choose a design-build firm that understands your needs and is willing to work to meet them.

Custom Home Building Timeline

Understand that the following timeline estimates can vary depending on the availability of building materials, the level of customization you need, and even the weather.

So, when is the best time of year to build a house? Every season can create adverse weather conditions. So, as long as weather conditions are dry for pouring a strong foundation and putting up the framing and roof, the rest of the house can progress regardless of the weather.

In fact, it can be easier to start in the winter because it can be faster to get permits from local building authorities during that time. So, once you and your finances are ready, you can expect the custom home building process to fall within these averages:

1. Planning and Design: 2-6 Months

The more time and effort we spend in the design and planning phase of building your custom home, the faster and easier the rest of it usually goes. By this time, you should have an idea of your budget with your financial institution, so we can guide you as we make design and layout plans.

During this phase, we will also get the required permits from local authorities. We will go over every aspect of the design to make sure it fits your needs, your budget, and your tastes. We will make sure to answer any of your questions, including ones you may not have considered!

2. Breaking Ground: 1 Week

We excavate the plot of land and construct the footers that will form the strong base for the foundation.

3. The Foundation: 2 Weeks

We carefully install the foundation when the weather is right, regardless of whether it’s a slab foundation or a full basement, etc. Inspectors will come and ensure that the foundation is up-to-code before further work proceeds.

4. Framing: 5 Weeks

You’ll now see the bones of your home take shape, with openings for windows and doors. The roof will go on too, as well as a weatherproof sheath that protects the home from the weather as work is completed. Windows and doors will also go on at this time. Another inspection will take place before we move past this phase.

Frame of a House that is Currently Being Built

5. Mechanicals and Insulation: 2-3 Weeks

This is where all the inner workings of the house start to come together. The plumbing and electrical will go in and then be inspected first, then the insulation will be added once inspectors verify that those essentials are good-to-go.

6. Drywall: 2 Weeks

As the exterior of the house starts to look like a house, so do the interior walls as the drywall is installed.

7. Durable Flooring, Trim, Details: 2-3 Weeks

During this time, you can expect to see tile going down in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as door and window casings, wood moldings, trim, etc. Cabinets and counters usually go in too.

8. Interior Painting: 2-3 Weeks

The interior wall and trim colors you’ve envisioned start coming together.

9. Visible Mechanicals and Appliances: 1-2 Weeks

Sinks, appliances, light fixtures, the HVAC system, etc. go in over these next two weeks. More inspections ensure they all work properly.

10. Final Inspections, Final Touches and Landscaping: 1-2 Weeks

By now, your home is almost move-in ready! You will get a chance to inspect the home, and so will county building inspectors who need to put their stamp of approval on to make sure everything is up to local building codes. Make sure all of your concerns are addressed before you sign off.

Custom Home Builders in Western Wisconsin

If you feel like it’s time for your family to consider building a custom home, schedule a consultation with the Derrick Custom Homes team. We look forward to discussing your dream home with you!

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