Surprise! The countertops are going to be another month out. The subcontractor is MIA, and the job’s half done. When you’re ready to build your dream house, you want to ensure you don’t accidentally conjure a nightmare. Everyone knows someone with a new construction horror story. It is in your interest to review some of the typical new construction pitfalls before you get started to be sure to prevent unnecessary trouble during your project.

Mistakes to Avoide When Building a Custom Home in Western Wisconsin Derrick Custom Homes

We’d love to use our expertise to avoid these common pitfalls while building your dream home in the St. Croix Valley. At Derrick Custom Homes, we’ve been refining our process for more than fifty years. We love the New Richmond and East Metro area, and we’re delighted to be a part of growing it. We hope you’ll allow us to partner with you on your custom build and put our world-class skills to work for you. Reach out to get started. 

What Are Common Mistakes When Building a Custom Home?

We have learned from common custom home construction mistakes by collecting horror stories from current clients’ previous experiences with other builders and even unforeseen challenges we’ve faced. Check out this list of common mistakes when building a custom home so that you don’t make them:

Rushing Through the Design Process 

The design process is such an exciting time! It can be tempting to greenlight the first gorgeous plan your designer or architect drafts because you cannot wait. Take time to review the details. It can be easy to overlook a few things that you would have liked to change. Sleep on the plans for a night or two to ensure no sudden epiphanies about the bathroom layout dawn at 3 am. Ensure that you explore and research options and alternatives for materials thoroughly to be confident you have found the right ones. 

Choosing the Wrong Builder

The right builder for your project makes all the difference. Choosing the wrong builder can lead to other problems with your custom build. Start by verifying that your builder is licensed and insured to avoid substantial financial, legal, or safety concerns during your project. Talk to a few past clients and check out reviews to collect past clients’ complaints and praise to understand your builder’s reputation. Check out their web page and gallery for examples of their work to ensure that their style matches your vision.

Changing The Plan 

Some changes are inevitable and impossible to anticipate. A few surprises are simply the reality of a large project’s complex supply chain, labor force, and intricacies over time. Flexibility about these unexpected changes will serve to keep your building experience pleasant and positive. Inspiration often strikes at inconvenient times, and we understand the urge to add these new ideas to the plan, but too many changes delay your project and drive up the cost. We urge extra time in the design phase to reduce changes down the line. 

Forgetting About Finances

Many clients are unaware of the unique structure of new construction financing. We’ve delved into this extensively in our blog here: Explore your situation with your financial experts and ensure that the home you plan matches your funding. Consider that changes and delays add to the overall price tag and extend timelines further when you’re considering them. 

Small Things that are Easily Overlooked in a Custom Home

The little things matter. They matter so much that you’ve elected to build a custom home so that the little things in your daily life are just right. We care about getting the details right in every step of the custom home journey and notice when other firms don’t. Here are some of the small things that get forgotten when building a custom home:

  • Light fixture placement, height, distribution
  • Power outlet distribution, including outdoor
  • Light switch placement
  • Physical space around work areas, cabinet door swing radius
  • Overall space flow (especially for kitchens)
  • Placement of cabinet door handles
  • Storage space, built-ins, shelf depth
  • Placement of furnace and hot water tank
  • Prewiring (solar, security, etc.) 

How Do I Know If My Home is Poorly Built?

New construction has some tell-tale signs that it is poorly built. Avoid these mistakes by hiring a reputable builder. We’ve listed some giveaways that a home may have underlying problems:

  • Cracks (doorways, walls, ceilings, tile)
  • Messy finish work (e.g., molding, outlet covers, or other small finishes crooked or inexact)
  • Disruptions in paint (a sign of patching the wall) 
  • Fixtures don’t work (faucets drip, outlets don’t work)
  • Water damage or mold (from a faucet or new plumbing drip)

Build with The Best in the Twin Cities

Derrick Custom Homes has a fifty-year track record of delivering detailed results, well-made homes, and dazzling features to East Metro and Western Wisconsin. Don’t take it from us, check out our reviews. You deserve excellence for your custom home and we can deliver it! We would love to talk to you about your custom home project and help you make your dream home real. Reach out today and schedule a consultation.

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